The Best Mobile Soccer Betting in Nigeria

Soccer is incredibly poplar in Nigeria, whether you are watching, playing or betting on the games. The international appeal of soccer means that professional matches are played almost constantly, and with today’s mobile technology you can enjoy year-round soccer betting from the palm of your hand. We want to make sure you take full advantage of these superb benefits, and have put together some guidelines to help you do just that.

Choosing Who to Support in Soccer Betting

We always warn visitors to the Nigerian bookmakers we review not to make betting decisions based on emotions, but for soccer fans this can be especially difficult. The loyalty that fans have for the team or players that are closest to their heart is a wonderful thing, and you can be as loud as you like when you wish them well. Just make sure you decide where to put your money down based on the facts. Wishing that a team will win won’t make it happen, no matter how hard you try.

Soccer Betting Options

There are many different soccer wagers available to mobile Nigerian punters, which is one of the things that keeps it so exciting. You can bet on the outcome of different matches or whole tournaments at halftime and at the end of play, and on the individual players’ performances. Predicting weather the total number of goals scored in a game will be over or under what the bookmaker say is another popular choice, as is saying who will make first, last and other goals. It’s also possible to wager across several different events with multi bets, and there are other exotic punts to explore such as whether the goal total will be even or odd and which game half will have more goals scored. Live betting, where you place wagers as the action unfolds, is also very popular and very exciting.

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Getting the Best from Mobile Soccer Betting

From the betting bouquet mentioned above, it should be clear that there is a huge variety of wagers to place on soccer games at the mobile betting sites of Nigeria. We encourage you to investigate them all, but when you are starting out it is best to stick to the basics. Over time your confidence will grow and you will be able to explore the more complex punting options. For example, wait until you have some experience before you try the Asian Handicap, which is a great example of a live bet and means you bet on the second half of a game only. When you are experimenting with your different options, look for sites that offer limited risk promotions and bonus bets. These will allow you to try things out without having too much at stake, and will give you the chance to really understand how they work.

Start Soccer Betting with Us

With so many possibilities, and with the game already so beloved in the country, it is little wonder that soccer betting is so popular in Nigeria. To experience the thrills and rewards for yourself on iPhone, iPad or Android devices, check out some of the superb mobile sites we have reviewed for you here.