Nigerian Cycling Betting For Beginners

Cycling betting in Nigeria is becoming more and more popular, especially with the convenience and variation of today’s online bookmakers. Now mobile devices are making it easier than ever to access your favourite sites, research prospects and monitor results while seamlessly carrying on with your daily life. We are committed to helping you get the most from every mobile betting experience, which is why we have put some tips together for when you are placing cycling wagers.

Start your Cycling Betting Career with the Major Tours

One of the best ways to get comfortable with cycling punts is to start by getting familiar with the three European Grand Tours. You’ll have the chance to get familiar with every betting possibility, and the skills you learn will be applicable to all future events however large or small they are.

Firstly, the famous Tour de France is truly captivating for every one of its 3200 kilometres. You can track it over daily heats or as an overall event. The Giro d’Italia is its Italian counterpart, and sees cyclists traversing Italy and neighbouring countries. The Vuelta a España was inspired by the French and Italian tours, and is one of today’s most beautiful showcases of Spain. There are plenty of betting options for each of these races in the mobile bookmakers of Nigeria.

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Options in Cycling Betting

The head-to-head bets and stage and race winner stakes are the most popular cycling betting options amongst mobile Nigerian bettors. The head-to-head punts are easies, because all you need to do is say which of two riders will be higher-ranked at the end of a race or stage. The stage and race winner bets require you to name the winner of a stage or overall race.

As you grow more confident you can start trying exotic and event-specific wagers. A great example of this is the Tour de France Polka Dot Jersey, also called the King of the Mountains, which is awarded to the rider who best performs in mountainous terrain. The more time you spend researching and betting, the more you will know what works best for your style.

Strategy Tips for Cycling Betting

It may seem basic, but one of the most important factors in cycling events is often the weather, so our first piece of advice is to find out the conditions as close to when you place your bet as possible. We also suggest that you review riders’ recent performance, especially for different terrains and altitudes. Because cycling is a team sport, you should also try to find out the strategy of your favourite’s team and make sure they plan to ride for the most points and stage wins.

Our last piece of betting advice is to manage your bankroll with care at mobile Nigerian bookmakers. The best way to stay in the race for as long as possible is to pack stage winners with smaller bets. Spreading smaller stakes across riders in this way will give you your best shot at strong returns in a sport where it is always tough to predict overall winners.

Ready to Start Cycling Betting?

If we have whet your appetite for the thrilling risks and plentiful rewards of cycling betting, it’s time for you to try it for yourself. Check out some of the great mobile Nigerian betting sites that we have reviewed and get started today.