Mobile Cricket Betting in Nigeria

Cricket is popular all over the world, and watching skilled teams play is even more thrilling when you have money riding on the outcome of the game. Online and mobile betting sites have opened whole new worlds to punters in Nigeria and around the rest of the world. Now you can bet on games that are happening anywhere in the globe, and with wireless wagering you can do it from the palm of your hand. To find out more about cricket betting from your mobile device, read our guidelines here.

The Basics of Cricket

The game of cricket really became popular in the sixteenth century, and before that it was kept alive by Norman and Saxon children. The first international matches began in 1844 and were officially recorded from 1877. There have been several refinements to the game over the years, and today it is enjoyed worldwide including in Nigeria.

Three forms of cricket are played today: Test matches that unfold over five days, One Day Internationals involving fifty overs and the innovative Twenty20 games. This last variation is recent, but has breathed new life into the game and become so popular that there is now a Twenty20 World Cup, as well as the Premier League in India where this form of cricket originated. There are fantastic cricket betting opportunities for each of these game formats, so take careful note of the two wagering categories we outline below.

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Pre-Match Cricket Betting

This is very popular in mobile Nigerian betting sites, and the most common bets are the Draw or No Draw ones which provide some security because they return your wager to you if the game is tied. Top Bowler and Top Batsman bets, where you predict who will score the most runs or take the most wickets respectively, ca also be very rewarding and there are several other creative bets such as naming the Man of the Match. Check batting and bowling statistics and, in the case of Test matches, the straight-up odds as well. As you spend time betting your understanding of how to choose the best options and place the shrewdest wagers will increase.

Live Cricket Betting

These in-play bets are made in real time while the action of a game unfolds, and you can check what is happening and adjust your strategy accordingly. Common wagers at mobile Nigerian betting sites include the total test match session runs or total team runs, and player runs. Method of next dismissal bets allow you to put money down on how the next wicket will be taken, and can be very rewarding if you understand the bowlers’ strategy and skills. You can also predict how many sixes there will be in a game, who the Top Batsman and Bowler will be and how many runs will be scored in a certain amount of overs. Stay alert and make any betting changes that you need to, I order to recoup your losses or compound your wins.

Start Enjoying Cricket Betting

The more time you spend at the mobile Nigerian cricket betting sites we review, the more insight you will gain into placing wagers. This takes patience and skill, but you really will get out what you put in. To see this for yourself, start investigating your options with our reviews today.