The Best Totes for Nigerian Bettors

The Nigerian bookmakers this website features will assist interested individuals in finding the best totes in the country for mobile users. Known as pari-mutuel betting, or pool betting, totes betting differs from fixed online betting in that the bettor remains ignorant of the odds on his or her wager until the strike time passes, when the event begins, and you are no longer able to lay any more bets on it. The stakes are then added up, and, after the house has removed the percentage due it, the total is divided between the winning ticket holders.

Because the horses seen as most likely to win attract more bettors, these payouts can be significantly smaller than those made because of a surprise win from an outsider. The dividends paid out on surprise winners can be very significant, since they are linked to how many people are taking the chance on a complete unknown in the first place, and this amount is usually far lower than for the other.

Pari-mutuel betting is identical, and is simply another name by which totes bets are known by. The bets on each animal are combined and the winners all receive an equal portion of this amount after the house percentage is removed.

The Best Totes Bet Options Available

Nigerian bookmakers offering bettors the best totes will offer many bet options beside Wins. Besides the more common Place and Each way bets, you will be able to choose from a host of exotic bet options like the exacta, trifecta, doubles, trebles, sweeps, quinella, superfecta, box bets and quadrella and find the one that suits you best.

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Win bets are a great introduction to totes betting for those new to these types of wagers, or new to the world of mobile betting in general. Simply select an animal to take first place and collect your portion of the win when it succeeds.  Or enlarge your selection with a Place bet, where you must nominate horses to take the top three positions at the end of the race.

Each way bets are another great option, essentially a double bet, combining Win and Place. Should the horse you have chosen win the race you will collect on both bets, the Win and the Place, and if it arrives in the second or third spot you will still be able to collect on the Place bet.

Predict the horses to take first and second place in the correct order for an Exacta bet win, or a quinella if you are sure of the animal but unsure of which position they will end the race in. Trifecta bets require you to include the third position in your results, and you might even be able to locate bet options that cover more than one race. The best totes betting options are all available on this website, rated and reviewed for your betting experience, so make your selection and get involved as soon as you would like.

Start Enjoying the Best Totes

The best totes experience is a mobile one, as the convenience and ease with which you can browse all the features you require as well as make your bets and receive the results is impossible to beat. Browse the selected mobile sportsbooks on offer here now and start experiencing the best totes betting anywhere in Nigeria on the go. Optimised for android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and a host of other popular mobile devices, you’ll find a bookmaker that suits you and brings you the best chances of a big win with ease.